• iOS, Cryptocurrency, and Web


  • NDAPronto

    A On-Demand Non-Disclosure Application

    Immediately and seamlessly sign an NDA with anyone and have it emailed to you both. For a quick and easy private chat the only security you need is NDAPronto.

  • Market Making with Gryphon

    Customized Instance of Gryphon, a soon to be open source cryptocurrency market-making framework.


    Covered all levels including: building Strategies, API Wrappers, worked on the market making Engine and database. Some of that was closed source and will remain so, but ask and details will be provided.

  • Pactum Capital

    A Customized Website For A Great Crypto Fund


    Formerly included a Ghost Blog, which I have ample experience with as well as Docker.

  • Eight Minute Abs

    A quick and clean way to exercise your abdomen!

    Work on those abs for beach season Eight Minutes at a time. Tens of exercises selected for you at random to keep things fresh and easy so you can focus on getting your best workout!

  • Purple Swan

    A Crypto Price Checker

    Our personal quest to know the price of Bitcoin on every major exchange at a moment's notice has bore fruit for everyone!


    A LamboFolio: AR Wealth Measurement

    You don't have to guess how many Lambos the bitcoin you sold 5 years ago are worth any longer. Enter the amount and watch it rain that many Lambos!

  • The Saga Of

    Purple Swan Trade

    Learn the story of Purple Swan's fully-functioning GDAX mobile crypto trader. And shed a tear when you find out why it was only released to Hedge Funds instead of the public App Store.

  • Stegasaurus

    Steganographic Private Message and Bitcoin Transaction Assembler


    Send bitcoin transactions + messages in images with steganographic security in obscurity!


    To Hide or Reveal


    Hide your message (or transaction) in the photo. It stays undetectable to the human eye! Send it via email to whoever you wish!


    Decode any message sent via a Stegasaurus image!

  • Vessel

    Localized Indoor GPS-enabled Social App

    Vessel App

    Local Connections! Chat with those in the same room as you to break the ice! Emoji's note where one is in the room, click on the emoji for a chat with its owner!

    Local Map

    Map View shows all locations supporting Vessel's Indoor Maps

    Indoor Map

    Once inside a mapped building, you can see other people's emojis. Their location determined by IndoorAtlas. Clicking on them sends you to chat

    iOS Style Messaging

    Enjoy iMessage style messaging between you and your new friends

  • Fugi

    Decentralized Short Messaging App built in 36 hours

    Web version only currently


    Show's anyone you are following that has posted on the bitcoin blockchain. Followers other Fugites by using by the QR Code Scanner

    Send Message

    Send Messages to your followers


    See your previous immutable messages and also display your QR code so that people can follow you.

  • Security Contractor App

    An app for a security company that would like to digitize checking in and out of locations using the iPhone GPS... Tracks steps when logged in. Also logs the signature/checkout time from the manager for double verification

    A Security App

    Mobile Application to facilitate a security company's contractors to Secure Their Posts


    App tracks location, steps and home view allows for check out procedure, photos to report incidents, etc.

    Check Out

    With rating of 1 to 5 stars, Signature Block, and check out manager's name all sent to server upon check out. 

    Take Photo

    Take a photo and give a description of suspicious activity.

  • Handi

    Find Neighbors to borrow low-use items from. Craigslist with the locality and trust of Next Door


    Built out the early UI work for an app that allows for neighborhood sharing economies



    Item Rental

  • Made with Prisma: not my app but one of my favorites.

    Moonshot's Pilot

    My name is Elliott. I love Swift. And looking stage-right pensively.


    I've been in SF working in startups for 4 years now, previously working in DC and even attending USMA for a stint! Working around the bitcoin and security spaces, I found myself building iOS applications, so I started Moonshot Applications (previously Agrippa Apps) in 2015 and we've expanded from there.




  • Email for Inquires: elliott@tothemoon.email

    "Or check out my profiles, then drop me a line" - Elliott




    Angel List

    My Lightly-Used Personal Twitter

  • Moonshot Core Competencies (iOS + Cryptocurrency)

    Where our interests lie..

    Getting to MVP

    Contracting with us isn't just outsourcing development: it's getting solid technical consultation in order to further your current project, or make a compelling, scalable MVP that dials features to the user experience and budget that your application company wants to provide.

    Crypto and Bitcoin

    We love it, have been involved in the community since early 2013, trading, working and developing around it, pretty much as much as we can get. If your project is bitcoin or crypto related, we will find a way to fit you in!

    Passion for Location

    TL; DR: Our niche is Mapping/Location and we're good at developing with them.


    This includes deep experience in:

    Additional relevant interesting fact: Long list of military orienteering courses passed and dozens of geocaches found over years of multiple backpacking trips. Certainly, the one benefit of my best friend getting us lost in the woods repetitively when we were young is that I know just about everything about location/map mechanics.

    Decentralization / Localization

    It's fun technically, and powerful practically!


    Many projects (client and side efforts) revolve around enabling users and people to have more control over their data, their applications, and their time. If you have a project that holds to these principles, we are far more likely to take it up.

  • Moonshot Blog

    Intended to Very Occasionally List High-Quality Swift and Cryptocurrency Material
    That I Wish I'd Read Sooner.
    Much More Regular Updates on Github

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